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Bend Yr Ear - Screenplay and Novel

Bend Yr Ear - Screenplay and Novel

Bend Yr Ear, a Motion Picture Screenplay and Novel.
Cost: $120,000 + (see below*)

Purchaser is entitled to:
1. Rights to the novel Bend Your Ear by Kevin James Salveson.
2. Rights to a screenplay Bend Yr Ear. 126 pages.
3. (See below*)

Story involves an orphan who uses his father's music to find his lost brother as well as love via a Chinese EDM and Rock and Roll Band Contest in Beijing.

Budget estimate: $20MM. ROI estimate: $400MM.

* Additional cost:
Also, 2.25% percentage points on gross revenues of any and all projects that use characters, ideas, merchandise or situations from the screenplay or book will be part of the purchase price to be remitted. (See our legal team for contract). Part of the revenue projected in the business plan involves merchandising of jewelry, clothing and other fashion items. Buy retains the non-exclusive rights to create, license and sell such items.

**Additional Items Received by Purchaser:

1. Signed first edition copy of novel Bend Yr Ear
(Expect delivery after purchase and contracting: 60 days).
2. First look rights to sequel script to Bend Yr Ear by Kevin J. Salveson, tentatively titled Bend Yr War.

Order this and have the download link for the script in .pdf (or other Screenplay software formats) in your hot little hands today!

Note: due to the large sum involved we will take a $5000 deposit via this retail online store. The final $95,000 will be remitted in the form of a fed funds wire. Final arrangements will be made after contact with the purchaser. (Rights to complete purchase end after 30 days. Delivery of screenplay will be immediate upon confirmation of payment. Delivery of novelized version of screenplay will be delivered within 60 days of completed purchase.)

Include your address, phone and other necessary contact information for shipping and make sure to include your email address to receive the download link. Shipping overseas extra. Allow 2-5 weeks for processing.
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