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The Research Chymicals are a studio band from the Claremont area of Los Angeles, CA specializing in psychedelic rock.


The songs here were created on the spot in one take via improvisation in order to try and capture the unconscious as inspired by the automatic writing techniques of the surrealists poets and the beat poets such as Ginsburg and William S. Burroughs.


The lyrics to these songs are taken from Ann and Alexander Shulgin's works TIKAL and PIKAL.


The band is comprised of a core dioxy ring of psychezymic guitarists co-bonding with three

bassists of the the methyl ring on differing tracks.


Produced by Kal and Jon Crawford

Engineered by Jon Crawford

Recorded at Interstellar Studios, Upland, CA

Edited, Mixed and Mastered by KAL

Kal: Guitar, Bass, Organ, Piano

Jim Carlson: Guitar         

Kerry Dowling: Bass

Jon Crawford: Drums, Vocals

Katy Stone Wallace: Bass


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