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Kevin James Salveson is an American author, musician, artist and former Portfolio Manager living in the Los Angeles area of Southern California.


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Beginning in 1999 he joined Morgan Stanley (Smith Barney) and later opened his own practice as a portfolio manager via Wells Fargo Advisors Finet.  After 14 years he sold his practice and went on to form Salvus for creative business ventures.


Kevin is also an entertainment industry veteran.  While working in the Advertising and Production departments of The Hollywood Reporter in the late '90s, Salveson wrote theater reviews for VNU sister publication Dramalogue.


Before that, beginning in 1994, he lived and worked in Beijing, China for several years as a Consultant and Instructor for China Star's hosting of the United Nation's Fourth World Conference on Women as well as The University of Colorado and Beijing Astronautics University. 


Salveson also performed vocals and guitar for a Chinese rock in roll band based in Yuan Ming Yuan, the arts colony legendary in China.  (YMY was also home of Fa Zi, another star to be found on the Extablisment label).




Between 1992 and 1994 Kevin booked entertainment at Congo Square in Santa Monca while hosting several open mic events for his weekly political and social issues radio program Alternative Outlook in Los Angeles on FM 88.9 KXLU (while playing with his rock and roll band Undertoad across the Southern California region).  Kevin is a native of Claremont, CA and enjoys gardening and ripping on Republicans for sport in his spare time.


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