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Editor: Fiction and Non-Fiction Properties
Price: $800
Area: Worldwide

Are you looking for insight or even basic editing for your written work? Could you benefit from someone whose depth of knowledge, credentials, and breadth of experience means their mind has been chiseled to a fine point? Would you be able to work with and learn one-on-one from a unique editor whose business and arts oriented viewpoint is incisive? Then look no further. Award-winning author Kevin Salveson is now accepting proposals for editing projects for a limited time. We will agree to such projects, naturally, only after careful consideration and only if we feel we can offer truly valuable insight. If we decide to agree to provide Editor services for your written work or other project the fee is $1000 per project and negotiable for longer commitments when several drafts or re-writes may be involved.

Your first payment of $50 (as listed above) which is a deposit that ensures your work will be read by the Editor Kevin Salveson himself and that it will be entered into consideration for further involvement.

In order to be fair, we will provide "coverage" style comments of value on your submitted written work to us for the $50. Payment of this deposit and coverage purchase thus can be made on our Extab website store via this order form.

Nonetheless, after careful consideration of each candidate, we may or may not agree to provide further Editorial services on your project. (In this case, no additional charges will be due.)

This hopefully doesn't sound too uncool, but we want to be able to provide quality Editor work for you! Thus, we have to limit the number of authors we accept so that we can focus exclusively on making your work the absolute best it can be in terms of both the content as well as the technical and grammatical aspects of your work.

Hence, please submit your $50 deposit for coverage and consideration, then email your submission right away to
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