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The 'Sposedas, a studio band from Claremont, CA, specialize in Ben Folds influenced piano pop and rock featuring choir vocals and funky rhythms.  


They played several wonderful sessions at Interstellar Studios of Upland in the Fall of 2007 and spring of 2008 in order to produce these songs packing a heavenly punch.


The 'Sposedas are driven by the piano of Calvin Broadus, a bed of chords which ground synth vocals from the Manta Ray Love Choir as well as guitar courtesy of Jim Carlson.  To round out the sound, Kevin Salveson contributed bass, organ and guitar, bells, synths, and various other sundry.  Victoria Lucas provides drums and taps on several tunes as well.


The songs posted on Soundcloud are low resolution Mp3 versions of the songs.  


To purchase high resolution 24 bit versions of the songs (with bonus songs not available online) as well as other 'Sposedas swag, head on over to our store.

Calvin Broadus - Piano, Bass

Jim Carlson - Guitar, Bass

Kevin Salveson - Guitar, Bass, Organ, Synths

Jon Crawford - Drums, Voice

Manta Ray Love Choir - Synth Vocals

Victoria Lucas - Drums, taps


Special Guest

Katy Stone Wallace - Bass


Special Guest:

Ed Tessier - Vocals




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