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(He's put on a few pounds and lost some of his hair since then, don't be fooled).


Kal... What can you say about the man that hasn't already been said (by the guy who writes the police blotter)?


KAL shouts (you can't call it singing) and has played guitar and keys for The Undertoad as well as other sundry including The Research Chymicals, The Vituperios, and his own homemade brew.


The tales people tell of his fantastic foibles, highfalutin hi-jinks, cheap publicity stunts and cavalierly confrontational bedside manner are all true. 


He claims he was only trying to give the audience its money's worth (most of the shows were free all-ages at the Haven.)


Producer, author, teacher, DJ, entreprenuer... his list of identities rivals Sybil's.  Either he has a lot of energy or is just wanted by the FBI.


Barely bridling all that energy, however, is a bridle. (Naturally).  It hangs in a closet with many hats as well, including the ones he wore when he was writing his novel Salvation Road with Jon Roa of 1980's Pomona punk legend Justice League. Anyway, he's not going bald, not really, so he doesn't need that many hats.   So that is all you're going to find out about his closet, you prying gossip vultures.


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