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Ed Tessier

Jim Carlson


The vituperative sounds, dubby vocals and massive beats of The Vituperios are musical vibrations of the koolest kind. They reverberate out from a funky garage studio somewhere deep in the heart of Rancho Cucamonga country, where the Santa Ana winds howl and the desert dust whips people into barely contained balls of confusion and furious humor. These funky confections are truly awesome given that they were all spun up and sugared over by just three of Extablisment's finest employees: vocalist Ed Tessier, producer KAL, and songwriter/guitarist Jim Carlson.


Featuring KAL's funky Rhodes piano, Jim's spacey wah guitar, Ed's dubby vocals, strings, and a heavy dose of sarcasm concerning the Reagan generation, this collection of songs is completely clean, clear, and crystalline. Or, at least the noise reduction is better.


Working together amidst the cobwebs at KAL's Make-Do Studios, the three wrote and cut this material between 2004 and 2012.


Much of the material is funky as well as psychedelic.The band's firm bed of beats attests to the awesome power of a fully operational Othership


The Vituperios - You're Soaking In It -

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