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Sedimental - Paperback Front Only.jpg
Sedimental - Paperback Front Only.jpg



Kevin James Salveson is an award-winning author, former Wall Street stockbroker, educator, artist, and musician from Claremont, California. He is CEO of Salvus Corp and President of Extablisment Media. 


Salveson graduated from Loyola Marymount University with a BA in Writing. His work includes a non-fiction book, a novel, screenplays, theater reviews for Dramalogue, short essays, fiction, poetry, and international journalism.  He does, however, refuse to write haiku.

He has worked for The Hollywood Reporter, Dramalogue, The United Nations Fourth World Conference On Women at host China Star, the Beijing University of Astronautics, The China World Trade Center, KXLU-FM, Fudan International School, Soong Ching Ling International, and Morgan Stanley Smith Barney.


He is currently at work on a new novel titled Silphium and publishes regularly at and

Lit and Crit

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Sedimental - Paperback Front Only.jpg


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