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Six Figures: a funky rootsy blues rock band (with hints of psychedelica and soul) from Claremont, CA. Mostly written via jamming them out in one take, the songs of 6 Figures feature fluid funky basswork and some bar band style cover tunes.


Six Figures commenced their studio work with the production of FAST CASH in 1997 in Venice Beach, CA at Small World Studios. Then, over about a decade, the band's members met about once a year to chisel out the hardbody of work that stands handsomely flexing before you today. Just dig those lovely crystal clear and dirty vintage guitar tones. Snap your fingers to those fascinating rhythms (if you dare!)  Let Ed Tessier tug at your heart doing Etta James covers!


Their second collection, GOT MUSIC, GOT SOUL, includes material done circa 2002. Some of it was recorded in Hollywood, some in the hills above Echo Park.  Some of it rocks, some of it swings, some of it sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom stall at The Rainbow Room (but the energy and musicianship still come through).


Produced by: Kevin James Salveson
Co-Produced and Engineered by:

Jon Crawford, John Carlson. 


The recordings posted to the internet, Spotify and iTunes etc are all wonderful, we'll grant you that.  But they are low resolution compressed Mp3 files.  


Naturally, the afficianado of sound appreciates higher resolution 24 bit wav files.  A 24 bit DVD + CD + Mp3 & 24 bit File Download Combo is really the only way to go.  


That  and other swag from Six Figures (including both albums with bonus cuts not available online and other lo calorie sweeteners) is available just inches away from these words you are reading right now!.

ed    tessier


jim    carlson


mike carlson
john carlson
jon crawford


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