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Six Figures: A funky rootsy blues rock band (with hints of psychedelica and soul) from Claremont, CA.  




Vocals: Ed Tessier
Guitars: Jim Carlson
Guitars: John Carlson
Bass: Mike Carlson
Drums: Jon Crawford
Piano, Organ, Guitar, Shouts: 
Kevin James Salveson


Mostly written via jamming the songs out in one take, the music of 6 Figures relied heavily on fluid funky basswork.


Guests: Erik Thor Shumpert, Steve Salveson, 


Six Figures commenced their studio work with the production of FAST CASH in 1997 in Venice Beach, CA. Then over about a decade the band's members met once a year to chisel out the hardbody of work that stands handsomely flexing before you today.


Just dig those lovely crystal clear and dirty vintage guitar tones. Snap your fingers to those fascinating rhythms (if you dare!)  Some of it rocks, some of it swings, some of it sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom stall at The Rainbow Room but the energy and musicianship shine through.



Producer: Kevin James Salveson


Track 1 Written By John Carlson & posted to the FunkServer.  Produced & Remixed at Make-Do Studios, Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

Track 3, 8 & 12: Recorded at: Small World Studios, Venice, CA.  Track 3 guest Guitar: Steve Salveson

Track 3: Drums by Kevin James Salveson

Track 6, 10: Recorded at Highland Sound.  

Co-Producer/Engineer:John Carlson.

Tracks 4 & 5: Recorded at Echo Hills Studio,

Elysian Park, CA. Engineered by: KAL.  

Track 4 guest Guitar: Erik Thor Shumpert

Track 1, 7, 9, 11: Recorded at Interstellar Sound.    

Co-Producer/Engineer: Jon Crawford

Track 11 Song by Jim Bianco

Track 11 Drums: Jerry Tessier

Track 12 lyrics by KAL from Salvation Road


Edited, Mixed and Mastered by:

Kevin James Salveson


The recordings available online are low resolution compressed Mp3 files.


For high res 24 bit wav files and other swag from Six Figures (including both albums with bonus cuts not available online and other low-calorie yet delicious exta-sweet audio sweeteners for your pleasure)

visit our store and make our day!  Before the electricity is cut around here by the DWP!




1. Pomona Flow

2. Lovely Night

3. Dark Highway

4. That's The Way We Play (lofi)

5. I Got A Rhyme (KAL Remix)

6. The Fat Need Nat Now

7. All Of Me  (written by: Gerald Marks)

8. Early Ryser

9. Justin Thyme (written by: Julie Styne & Betty Comden)

10. Funk It Up (Dave Miller)

11. Keep Your Cool

      (Lyrics by: Jim Bioni)

12. I Reject Satan And All His Works




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