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Fast Cash

Recorded in 1997 at: 

at Small World Studios, Venice, CA 

Highland Sound Studio, West Hollywood CA,

 Echo Hill Studios, Elysian Park, CA

Interstellar Studios, Upland CA


Produced by Kevin James Salveson.

Engineered by Larry Small

(Small World Studios) & Kevin Salveson

Edited, Mixed and Mastered By KJS

Drums by Sven Johanssen


All songs written by Six Figures via live in-studio improvisation. One take, hit it and quit it!



1. Bob Dylan's 115th Dream (instrumental)

(Songwriting Credit: Robert Zimmerman)

2. Fast Cash

3. Early Blues

4. Get On Up (lofi) Recorded: Echo Park, CA

5. Blazingly Blase

6. Brothers and Sisters

(Recorded: West Hollywood, CA)

7. Capuchin Bicycle

8. For My Lover

(Songwriting credit: Tracy Chapman)

9. Wading into the Waves

10. Wah Wah Wat's Whistle

11. When Yr High (West Hollywood, CA).



Files online are low resolution Mp3 files. Get them as a 24 bit download.  

In addition, for a pittance you can purchase a package which includes downloads as well as, via US Postal Service, a CD and DVD with high resolution versions of the songs and bonus videos unavailable online anywhere!



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