Intercepted datastreams

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Lamontikon is a Transdimensional Systems Analyst. 


lamont receives a continuous graphic datastream appearing somewhat like the images you see here.  (Artist Stephen Bushman often re-compiles this transmission data for human viewing).

Lamont catalogs the transmissions for subsequent pattern analyses and recommendation.

As Lamontikon intercepted a particular series of data streams and transmissions, it was found that encrypted in them were patterns corresponding to physical waves which could be graphed in three dimensions. These waves, when converted to vibrations in a gas, often produced repeating mathematically harmonic intervals.

The datastreams seemed to correspond to this equation:

Thus, the vibrational sound wave energy in a volume of interest such as a gas is defined as the sum of the potential and kinetic energy densities integrated over that volume and with regard to speed of the signal through the gas.


This vibrational energy is otherwise known to mammals as sound. In particular, humans may refer to such waves as ambient music, low level background hum, a buzzing in the ears, or sometimes just noise.