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All datastreams and wave vibrations intercepted and translated by lamont.

Special thanks: 

Stephen Bushman (datastream visual recompiling and translation services), 

Kevin James Salveson (waveforms harmonic vibrations in gaseous matter translation services),

Everyone working in Eye Tee.

The datastreams posted online at youtube and other places are low resolution Mp3 versions. Naturally, the true afficianado demands a 24 bit download available in the Extablisment store.

Grab a lamontikon DVD + CD + 24 bit + Mp3 Download Combo Package.  It's priced very reasonably and can be a wonderful keepsake of your time on planet Earth!


Also, consider purchasing  recompiled datastream representations from artist Stephen Bushman.  Try a lamontikon tote bag or water bottle to brighten your day.


Datastreams #64 - 82
enginges of novelty

datastream 63 - landscape of vacua

datastream 64 - noumenon

datastream 65 - phenon Om

datastream 66 - Octonion

datastream 67 - a streaming cascade of cellular material

datastream 68 - the gradient of total synergy

datastream 69 - bubble chamber

datastream 70 - to hear the shape of a drum

datastream 71 - sloot hyper-skymap survey

datastream 72 - carbon chauvinism

datastream 73 - terra nullis

datastream 74 - the missing baryon problem

datastream 75 - active streamfeed 75


datastream 76 - hucolanguachart

datastream 77 - from above and below

datastream 78 - databits collected over several years

datastream 79 - signals from Earnei

datastream 80 - vacuums in consciousness

datastream 81 - manifestations of meme transparency

datastream 82 - engines of novelty



lamontikon is a transdimensional systems analyst.  Capturing signals sailing on solar winds,  born in the radiation waves shot out of supernova mass ejections, inferred from transdimensional intrusions on Cartesian space, decodable patterns of metadata shadow images in pangalactic dust clouds... all of it is captured and catalogued for further analysis. 
Some signals were found to encode waveforms that, when translated into vibrations in gaseous clouds, produced harmonics which some equipped with the proper wavelength decoders may refer to as music (though sometimes it's just noise. 

Lamont works tirelessly to catalogue these cosmic signals for your listening pleasure. New album of datastreams out now!

lamontikon - antitelephone -  Cover.jpg
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