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 intercepted datastreams 1 - 17

transmission station fantastic

Lamontikon recently intercepted the following datastreams:


Datastream 1

background low frequency hum


Datastream 2 

the ganglion delivering their messages


Datastream 3

splitting of a binary symbol into septeplet


Datastream 4

wading into the datastream


Datastream 5



Datastream 6



Datastream 7



Datastream 8



Datastream 9



Datastream 10

Te, Am, and Ko sensing stream


Datastream 11

datastream double Happiness


Datastream 12

28 cornered object


Datastream 13

signals from stormboy


Datastream 14

cells in a larger body


Datastream 15

switchboard message


Datastream 16

novelty-preserving forces


Datastream 17

lamontikon hot chai

More  Datastreams

All datastreams and physical wave vibrations      in gaseous cloud volumes intercepted and translated by lamont.



Special thanks: 

Stephen Bushman (artwork translation services), 

Kevin James Salveson (waveforms in gaseous matter translation services), and the Guys & Gals in Eye Tee.


The datastreams posted online at youtube and other places are low resolution Mp3 versions.  The true afficianado demands a 24 bit download.


Also, consider a lamontikon DVD + CD + 24 bit + Mp3 Download Combo Package.  It's priced very reasonably!  Use the Add to Cart feature to your right.



Also, consider purchasing the original artwork from artist Stephen Bushmana lamontikon tote bag or water bottle.

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