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All datastreams and physical wave vibrations      in gaseous cloud volumes intercepted and translated by lamont.



Special thanks: 

Stephen Bushman (artwork translation services), 

Kevin James Salveson (waveforms in gaseous matter translation services), and the Guys & Gals in Eye Tee.


The datastreams posted online at youtube and other places are low resolution Mp3 versions.  The true afficianado demands a 24 bit download.


Also, consider a lamontikon DVD + CD + 24 bit + Mp3 Download Combo Package.  It's priced very reasonably!



Also, consider purchasing the original artwork from artist Stephen Bushman, a lamontikon tote bag or water bottle.


Datastreams #44-62

 temple of the

everpotent egg

Datastream 44

temple of the ever-potent egg


Datastream 45

philo tridimen


Datastream 46

switchboard says hi


Datastream 47

multifeed response


Datastream 48

The Mingus Report


Datastream 49

a spectacular set of window-envelopes


Datastream 50

temple giftshop


Datastream 51

brane dimension zero


Datastream 52

the relation of our small anatomies to the larger bodies


Datastream 53

a reintegration of disparate angles


Datastream 54

manifold tensor


Datastream 55

egg crème


Datastream 56

stormboy datastream thirty


Datastream 57


Datastream 58

dead channel data compilation


Datastream 59

three transfer nodes


Datastream 60



Datastream 61

observer affecting the collapse of waveforms


Datastream 62

do not tamper with evidence


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