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All datastreams and wave vibrations intercepted and translated by lamont.

Special thanks: 

Stephen Bushman (datastream visual recompiling and translation services), 

Kevin James Salveson (waveforms harmonic vibrations in gaseous matter translation services),

Everyone working in Eye Tee.

The datastreams posted online at youtube and other places are low resolution Mp3 versions. Naturally, the true afficianado demands a 24 bit download available in the Extablisment store.

Grab a lamontikon DVD + CD + 24 bit + Mp3 Download Combo Package.  It's priced very reasonably and can be a wonderful keepsake of your time on planet Earth!


Also, consider purchasing  recompiled datastream representations from artist Stephen Bushman.  Try a lamontikon tote bag or water bottle to brighten your day.

Datastreams #83 - 103
tachyonic antitelephone

datastream 83 - universal principles expressed
                            in the shadow world of the senses
datastream 84 - birthday cake for hortense
datastream 85 - micropatch scatterbugs
datastream 86 - metaqualia
datastream 87 - 2point197 µs
datastream 88 - quaternion of norm one
datastream 89 - thermal wavelenth signal
                             from zeldovich quadrant
datastream 90 - moose quiver diagram
datastream 91 - overdense isotherm filament
datastream 92 - ko kalok
datastream 93 - dataspec elucimeter
datastream 94 - eulerian flow field encoding
datastream 95 - supersymmetric Q-ball sign
datastream 96 - annual datastreamers convention souvenir
datastream 97 - Larry from accounting holding the mapbook
datastream 98 - whitehole five dimensional vacuum
datastream 99 - oikos
datastream 100 - egg salad
datastream 101 - corporate needs you to work overtime
datastream 102 - hypersurface of dialated overtimes
datastream 103 - quadimensional transhum

lamontikon is a Transdimensional Systems Analyst. lamont receives a continuous graphic datastream appearing somewhat like the images you see here.  (Artist Stephen Bushman often re-compiles this transmission data for human viewing). Lamont catalogs the transmissions for subsequent pattern analyses and recommendation.

As Lamontikon intercepted a particular series of data streams and transmissions, it was found that encrypted in them were patterns corresponding to physical waves which could be graphed in three dimensions. These waves, when converted to vibrations in a gas, often produced repeating mathematically harmonic intervals.

more  datastreams

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