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All datastreams and physical wave vibrations      in gaseous cloud volumes intercepted and translated by lamont.



Special thanks: 

Stephen Bushman (datastream visual recompiling and translation services), 

Kevin James Salveson (waveforms in gaseous matter translation services), and the Guys & Gals in Eye Tee.


The datastreams posted online at youtube and other places are low resolution Mp3 versions. The true afficianado demands a 24 bit download.


Also, consider a lamontikon DVD + CD + 24 bit + Mp3 Download Combo Package.  It's priced very reasonably!



Also, consider purchasing the recompiled datastream representations from artist Stephen Bushman. Also, why not try a lamontikon tote bag or water bottle to brighten your day?

Datastreams #104-128
sesquipedalian obscurismant

datastream 104 - gas signalfilaments in the space between galaxies

datastream 105 - the Magellanic Clouds

datastream 106 - monstrous moonshine

datastream 107 - no-ghost theorem

datastream 108 - the incommensurability between arithmetic and                                      geometric magnitudes

datastream 109 - eternal inflation smooth exit

datastream 110 - Niemeier lattice umbral moonshine

datastream 111 - Te's datastream hyperglitch forwarded around  the


datastream 112 - orbifolds

datastream 113 - desolat feed 113

datastream 114 - penumbra Keisha

datastream 115 - Planemo haunts the hallways in accounting when the

                             office is empty

datastream 116 - time scalar interval N (just before lunch)

datastream 117 - Frobenius endomorphism around the coffee machine 

datastream 118 - the soul conjecture

datastream 119 - Ko borrows a stapler

datastream 120 - Am's homothetic emphlipses in the mailroom

datastream 121 - various infinities in perturbative paycheck misprints

datastream 122 - ephemerides

datastream 123 - everyone stop reply-all-ing to that sophus lie

datastream 124 - Mabel and Dobs seem to be an item

datastream 125 - future light cone communication mode 125

datastream 126 - introductio in analysin infinitorum

datastream 127 - faculae patterns in Mabel's eyes

datastream 128 - in the umbra of a working weekend

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