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Salvation Road - Second Edition Exclusive Rights

Salvation Road - Second Edition Exclusive Rights


Salvation Road, a Novel by Kal and Jon Roa
Second and Third Edition Exclusive Publishing Rights
Cost: $30,000 + *

Purchaser is entitled to:
1. Second and Third Edition Print Publishing Rights to the novel
2. (See below*)

Story involves a trek through Venice and Santa Monica in an eye opening night of revelations for Kal after being pulled into a sidewalk performer's act on the Santa Monica Promenade in 1992.

* Additional cost:
Also, 2.25% percentage points on gross revenues of any and all products or projects which use characters, ideas, merchandise or situations from the book will be part of the purchase price to be remitted. (See our legal team for contract). Includes semi-exclusive rights to merchandising including jewelry, clothing and other fashion items. Buyer retains the semi-exclusive rights to create, license and sell such items. Does not include screenplay rights, but rights to any and all other formats.

**Additional Items Received by Purchaser:

1. Signed first edition copy of novel.
(Expect delivery after purchase and contracting: 90 days).

2. An Option for exclusive publishing rights to a sequel for 500 days following the publication of the first novel.

3. First look at optioning or purchasing the Screenplay version of the story. (See item in the Extab store).

Order this and have the download link for the novel in .pdf (or other Screenplay software formats) in your hot little hands today! Note: due to the large sum involved we will take a $5000 deposit via this retail online store. The final $45,000 will be remitted in the form of a fed funds wire & Final Arrangements made.
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