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Believe It



Kevin: Allright, my fellow fellaheens!

I'm gonna go ahead and get this started, right?

(Band response: Ok, allright).

Kevin: I'm gonna do it the way I like to do it when I do it the way I like, right?

(Band response: Yeah, right on! Isn't that a tautology?)

Kevin: Can someone please verify the veracity of that statement?

(Band: Sure, sure.)

Kevin: That I'm permitted to do this?

(Band: Go ahead!)

Kevin: In the way that I like to do it?

(Band: It's been verified!  It's been verificated!)

Kevin: Good. Don't try to stop me, 'cause you can't top me!  

(Band: Yeah, go on, do it!)

Kevin: That's my motto. Ok?

(Band: Ok.)

Kevin: Ok. One, Two, Three, Four...



(Backup Singers: Ooohh)

I got soul-stirring sticker shock.

Got a wide-ride peter pocket.

Cope and Hagen intensity,

So tense it bellows the mind.


Believe It.  Believe. Better believe it.  

Believe.  Believe it, believe.

(Backup Singers: Ahhh, Ohh)


The more things strange,

the more they stay the same.

(Backup Singers: Ahhh)  


Hey!  Beat box, one hit,

sweet spot, get lit

non-stick enlightenment!


Believe it!

The more things change,

the more they stay the same.

(Pick it up!)


My timing is right,

my foibles are noble.

They sell themselves,

'cause I'm going global.


They sell themselves.


The more things deranged,

the more they stay so lame.


(Now we're gonna take it to the bridge.

Give us that guitar solo, Kal!  



Crank up those pistons.

Engines, they glisten.

I'm shooting my jissom,

insisting you listen.

Yeah, I'm the man

and I'm on a mission.


Ok, fellas. Take us out--

nice and easy now.






Kevin James Salveson's first album is chock full of wit, energy, and head-spinning production.


13 Tracks (11 tracks plus 2 bonus tracks not available online or anywhere else but here!)

Recorded at Make-Do Studios, Rancho Cucamonga, CA.  Track 4 drums recorded at Interstellar Sound and performed by Jon Crawford.


Written, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Kevin James Salveson and KAL.


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To All The Crossing Guards


This one goes out

to all the crossing guards.

And all the math tutors.

To the air-traffic controllers;

all the soccer coaches.

To all the Den Mothers,

and all the Indian Guides chiefs.

To all the librarians,

all the librarians.

And all the crossing guards.



You've Arrived
Wake up! You've arrived.
Hope you were able to
enjoy your flight.
Your chauffeur will meet you
on the other side.
He's programmed to
recognize you on sight.
I want to start by assuring you
accommodations are all five-star.
Five thousand channels of brainfeed.
Hey- host mini-bar!
Pete will be by
with some papers to sign,
so don't wander off too far.
I know that new guests
often have questions.  But, please,
hold all your comments
'till the end of the session.
Check into your room.
A chance to freshen up,
decompress some.
Every guest's impressed.
Our chefs are superb,
they've wondrous confections.
If I may suggest
our meat and cheese selection?
The fridge is always packed
with all the kinds of snacks
that humans devour--
restocked every hour.
Be sure to stop at the
bar by the pool.  
I'll give you some coupons.
Restaurant's a jewel!
The complex is located
there by the shore.
From here you can see it.
You get a free tour!
Come, come with me now,
we'll board our hover-car.
Don't look so startled.
Here everyone's a star.
Now, now, before
you get too anxious.  
Let me allay your fears.
We do offer you
a shuttle back to earth.
Once, every one million years




Another Day



Sun rises,

sun sweats.

Sun falls and

sun sets.


Soon the night comes

chill and stark.

But in the dark

you can better see the stars.


Another day.  Another day.

(Backup singers: doo, doo, doo, doo)


The moon is brighter

on the other side.

It pulls on souls, 

it pulls on tides.


Cosmos spinning

eternally? In

Cold, cold entropy.


Sun circles,

the earth it turns.

I turn my eyes up,

the retinas burn.


Oh, It's another day.  

Another day.


(Backup singers: Doo, doo, doo, doo).


Oh, doo doo doo doo doo.

It's another day.

Another day.

It's just another day,

another day.


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