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This album of 12 songs by Kevin James Salveson is an exclusive.  


Only one 24 bit DVD Video and CD audio copy has ever been recorded and pressed of this music.  It is currently held in a safe vault somewhere in the Cayman Islands.


It constitutes a lifetime's worth of artistic work and is the culmination of one man's singular life on earth.


 It is thus comparable in value to a painting or sculpture in  the Norton Simon and is guaranteed to be better music than any crappy rapper's sucky ballsweating shit. That's a promise!


This album features 

12 songs composed, performed, produced, and

sung by Mr. Salveson

in six different languages.


 The price is: one million dollars.


Fed Funds Wires only. 


The album also comes with a box of gourmet cupcakes for the purchaser which will personally be baked by the artist himself.

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