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The Toad Collection




1. Concatenation Incantation

2. We Have Wandered Too Long

3. The Profits That Heal (tugnut)

4. World on Fire

5. Litany of Woes (Indian Hill Mix)

6. It's Coming On (Jazz Mix - Live at the Music Machine)

7. No Home, No Body

8. Yellow Funk #5

9. Five Middle Class White Dudes on a Segregated Stage

10. Curve in G (4trk demo)




This album, dedicated to the well-dressed man, was the Undertoad's third release on tape back in 1993.  


This collection is fairly eclectic noise rock, but it gives a fine overview of all the types of styles they integrated  from the Love and Rockets style buzz of Litany of Woes to mellow journey into space that is "World on Fire."


Meanwhile, their punk influence comes out in the confrontational politics and aggressive vocals of "Five Middle Class White Dudes On A Segregated Stage", in which Ed points out to the management of the venue The Music Machine (now defunct, it was located in West Los Angeles near Santa Monica) that their stage was "segregated" against those in wheelchairs.  (This is why Kal often referred to their music as "cripcore").  


Then, as the yang to Ed's yin, Kevin rebuts that with a sarcastic reply: "Are we boring you yet?  Just throw your beer bottles at us..."


Available as a 24 bit download for only $1.00.


In addition, for a pittance you can purchase a package which includes downloads as well as, via US Postal Service, a CD and DVD with high resolution versions of the songs and bonus videos.  Whatta baergain!

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