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Creative Service: Script Coverage & PunchUp Notes

Creative Service: Script Coverage & PunchUp Notes

Product: Script Coverage & Punch-Up Notes
Price: $100

So you want me to take a look at a screenplay to make sure it is ship-shape and ready for professional production? You want some notes on how it might be punched-up a little, a few suggestions for gags or plot resolutions which might be worth your while? A little bit about what works and what doesn't plus a few one liners, isn't that all you want? Is that too much to ask, you often find yourself asking. Well, friend, the answer is no. You've come to the right place. Send whatever you got right over after swiping your credit card and you'll receive a full batch of worthwhile notes, punch-up ideas and comments on the thing within one month that will knock your socks off. Thank you for your order, please continue the check-out process!
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