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English & Chinese Translation Services - Per word

English & Chinese Translation Services - Per word

Product: XU TRANSLATION SERVICES for Non-Fiction, Essay, Legal, Technical or Business Related Translation of Documents
$0.50 per word

Translation of a Chinese language document into readable English suitable for success in the American marketplace or for business purposes of all kinds. Superior aesthetics and command of the language are available from these two professionals. Wei Xu Salveson (author of numerous published works in China) and Kevin J Salveson (published author, journalist, professor at Beihang University among others) are the head translation supervisors. Time to completion: 24 hours for documents under 10 pages in length. One day per every 10 - 20 pages of the document should be considered the average time from for completion of the work. Rush jobs deliverable same day (24 hours) please add $5 per page. For works over 100 pages in length please add an additional $1 extra cost per page for every additional 50 pages of materials to translate beyond the per-page cost quoted above. Please contact us at in order to discuss content, goals for the work, and other technical details.
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