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This album by Moist Appointment was originally recorded back in 2004.  As with all MA compositions, these songs were created on the spot via improvisation in the studio.


The song BeBe Riboso, as the cover to the album suggests, is about the Bush era in the United States.


BeBe Riboso was originally a close confidant of Richard Millhouse Nixon.  In times of stress, Nixon would often make calls to Be Be.  In the movie "Swimming to Cambodia", for example, Nixon is portrayed as calling BeBe Riboso obsessively for advice.


The phrase "If I may be so bold, sir" comes from the movie The Shining by Stanley Kubrick.  


In the film, the protagonist Jack goes mad, visits the hotel's bar, and has a conversation with an imaginary bartender who makes suggestions about his son.  The son is described as " A willful boy.  A rather naughty boy, if I may be so bold, sir."


So the song describes a fantasy scenario, in which Bush, perhaps needing to make a call from jail where he's been stuck for war-crimes, asks his imaginary bartender who he should call to try and fix the situation.


And the bartender replies, perhaps sarcastically, "Be Be Riboso, if I may be so bold, sir."  


Thus, that old GOP apparatchik, tied as he was to the last Republican total failure in the white house, again gets the call.  And, as a bonus, he along with those others in the GOP (so twisted that, as Hunter S. Thompson put it, they had to have aides screw their pants on in the morning) get the smirking musical treatment from Moist Appointment. 

Be Be Reboso


1. Bebe Reboso

2. Fretless Nightcall

3. Funerale

4. Will Pill

5. It's Wonderful

6. Melodious Funkenstein

7. Brew 102

8. Craniopagus Parasiticus

9. Glowtime

10. Remembrances of Things Pabst


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