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Silphium - Cult of Demeter

Silphium is a band from the Los Angeles area specializing in dream pop and ambient pop, ethereal night music and Cocteau Twins style shoegaze.

Featuring mellow guitars and soaring middle-eastern inspired vocals, Silphium is sure to warm your cockles.


Named after an ancient grain farmed to extinction in pre-Christian times, the themes of Spring rites and classical myth reverberate in their songs as thick as the Greek and Roman bread once made from that plant (now lost to time).   In fact, it was also for seasoning and to prevent pregnancy. Perhaps also, it played a role in rituals like the Eleusinian mysteries since our theory (totally unproven and unsupported by research for now) is the abortifacient mentioned in one of the recipies for the Kykeon brew in Eleusis was in fact not pennyroyal but Silphium, or perhaps even Silphium grain infected with ergot. Thus, Silphium's themes revolve around nature, environmentalism, classical ritual and altered states.

The music was entirely composed, performed and produced by Kevin Salveson. Vocals are by Lara Ausensi (
via Shevannai).


Videos produced by KAL and Extablisment. 

Note: The songs found online are low resolution Mp3 versions of the music. However, discerning listeners want only the best. To purchase 24 bit file downloads (or high res Mp3) plus a 24 bit DVD-V (with bonus videos not available online and CD combo, visit our Extab store today!


Cult of Demeter

Available for pre-order now!


1. Sacrifice of the First Fruits 

Θυσία από τους πρώτους καρπούς


2.   Mystai   μύστες


3.  Thesmophoria   Θεσμοφόρια


4.  Kalligenia  Καλλή Γενιά


5.  Epopteia (An Ear of Grain In Silence Grows)

                ἐποπτεία (Ένα αυτί των σιτηρών στη σιωπή μεγαλώνει)


6.  Secrets of Triptolemus 

                Τα μυστικά της Τριπτόλεμος


7. The Rharian Fields 

Ράριον   πεδία




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