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The Undertoad, early '90's progenitors of Pomona noise rock and psychedelic mayhem, churned out more lo-fi glory before breakfast than others do in an entire day.  In tribute to artists such as The Minutemen, The Fugs, Pavement, Beck, and Guided By Voices, this extra long album by The Undertoad features a whopping 30 songs (mostly in low-fi extrapolations) which are at least better than Jon Frusciante's bedroom tapes by a mile. Just look at all the pretty colors! The fact that the band is defunct and that many of these songs were recorded on a hand-held tape recorder is no reason to not throw money at the problem just to see if it will go away, right?


The Undertoad:


Kal - guitar, keyboard, shouts

Jim Carlson - guitar, vocals

Lance Wawer - bass, vocals

Ed Tessier - lead vocals

Dave Defoe - drums


Special Guest Appearances


Vicki Tessier - Flute /Vocals/Melodica

Jeff Felman - Production & guitar


All songs written by The Undertoad.  

Produced, Edited, Mixed & Mastered by KAL.  

All music copyright Salvus 2016.



Look at All The Pretty Colors!

CD / DVD / Download




1. Litany of Woes (Dance Mix)

2. Almost Empty

3. El Gringo - Felman Electronic Mix)

4. Son of Satan

5. Baby Got Frost

6. KAL vs Das Auto

7. Mouldy Peaches

8. Beautiful River

9. A Call To Arms

10. Any Questions?

11. It's A Car Song

12. Sob Story

13. Black Francine + Queer Nation

14. Break It Down

15. Good Grief

16. Silken Road

17. The Night Bus

18. Cruel But Fairly Usual

19. Just Relax Pt1

20. Relax Pt2 (4 trk demo)

21. Compendium Maleficarum

22. Semiotics (for John Boubion)

23. Undertao

24. Debbie Gibson Playboy Spread

25. Frenetic

26. You Get Nothing And Like It

27. Three Four

28. Africa Talks To You

29. Search and Destroy

30. Litany of Woes (KAL Remix)





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